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Hi Folks, my name is Stewart.

I am a Photographer, living in County Donegal, Ireland.

My passion for photography has enabled me to be able to see some of the most wonderful places in Ireland. With the advances in technology moving so quickly, it has now been made possible for me to bring you images from the air.

I hope you enjoy my passion.

Eireial Creations Blog

The Irish cold snap is here..... brrrrr

November 25, 2016

Winter is well and truly upon us, but this doesn't mean I can't get out and get some awesome images. I'll be posting some frosty looking winter shots soon. :)

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When will the weather let up?

January 02, 2016

I'll have some more shots up soon guys as the weather isn't being too kind lately, it's hard to get out and fly. I've been doing sun dances on a regular basis but these storms really do have a name for themselves recently...hehe. Anyway, there will be more to come soon. Any request of places that you might like to be photographed, please let me know.

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